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Towing Coverage

Dave Mosher - Wednesday, December 12, 2011

We live in a mobile world; we depend on our cars and trucks every day to safely transport us to and from: work, school, grocery shopping, fun times, etc. These vehicles that we depend on some times: fail to start, get flat tires, have dead batteries and occasionally we lock ourselves out of them.

When our vehicle fails us and we have to call someone for help, do we have any coverage in our auto policy to pay for this? If you have purchased “towing roadside assistance” then yes you have the coverage to pay for these services.

It’s important however, to be clear on how to report an incident to your insurance company. If the insurance company provides you with a phone number to report a need for service you will need to use that number or risk a reduced payout. For example: we had a motor home owner who had a water pump failure on the interstate, he called a towing company directly and had his motor home towed to the nearest repair shop. He had a roadside assistance program on his auto policy with an #800 to call in case of an incident. The insurance company paid $100 towards the towing but would have paid the entire towing charge of $675 had the insured utilized the #800. Consult your agent if you have any questions as to whether or not you have this coverage and how to properly use it.

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