Our Mission

Our goal is to create a relationship with our clients and become a trusted advisor. The outcome is to “Save you Money.” This savings is not always “premium” savings, but may very well be savings at the time of a loss. Ultimately this is how we will be measured. We strive to provide the best coverage at the best price, it may be the lowest price, it may not. Our agents become a resource partner to offer our clients options for all their insurance needs.

The importance of independence

Typical insurance can be like Henry Ford’s color options for the Model T, “you can have any color you’d like, as long as it’s black.” Times have changed! Today there are hundreds of automobile options with unlimited colors. As an independent agency we can offer the correct coverage for your unique needs, rather than trying to fit your risk into limited coverage options. Mosher & associates made a commitment many years ago to not be held captive by a couple insurance companies. We have contracts with over 20 carriers, which is in our clients’ best interest and not necessarily ours. If we don’t have the right insurance for you, we will let you know.

We’re here for our clients.

We invest in our community

Our employees are active volunteers in the community. When it comes to our agencies commitment in the community , when it comes to fundraising and volunteering, we are looked at as leaders in the community. We're not just a partner in Monroe, but in New Glarus, Evansville, Argyle and all the communities surrounding them.

We'll make it easy.