Sound Policy: Are umbrellas only for rainy days?

Umbrellas are great for keeping you dry during rainy days, but they can also help protect you in other ways. There are two main reasons why you may need an umbrella policy. First, an um- brella policy can help protect your assets. You work hard for what you have. You wouldn’t want one mistake or one bad thing to take all of it away. Something like a car accident could be enough to do that. An umbrella policy, basically a large amount of coverage that sits on top of your home, auto, or renters policy, protects your assets. If you were to ever exceed your liability limits your umbrella policy would kick in to cover the rest.

Second, an umbrella policy helps cover your personal responsibility. We hear it all the time, “If I have an umbrella policy people are going to go after it.” Actually, if you don’t have an umbrella policy people are going to go after it. An umbrella policy protects you but it also protects oth- ers. If you are in an accident and severely injure someone else, your umbrella policy will cover additional expenses for that driver and their family. As always, check with your insurance carri- er with questions you may have on your policy.

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