Is damage from fireworks covered?​

Fireworks. They’re lots of fun! But first and foremost, remember – no kids should have or use fireworks unsupervised. Each year over 18,500 fires are started by fireworks which causes over $43 billion worth of property damage. A frequent summertime question is: Are we covered if something were to happen while we’re lighting off fireworks this 4th of July? The answer, maybe. First, the most important question – are the fireworks you have legal? If you are coming back from another state with bottle rockets, roman candles, and other things that are illegal in your state, most likely your policy has an exclusion for illegal acts and you won’t have coverage. However, if you have locally purchased, legal fireworks and something happens, you probably have coverage under your homeowners liability policy. In any case, it’s always good to look into your policy to see if you have the crimes exclusion in it before lighting the first fuse! As always, check with your insurance agent for more info or questions on your policy.

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