Is indoor water damage covered?

Water claims in your home are no joke. But what is covered and what isn’t? Here are some of the calls we get about water damage:
– “I had the kids in the tub and forgot to shut that water off. The water ran over and into the

basement. Now the drywall is all wet and moldy. Is that covered?” Yes.
– “My dishwasher broke and leaked all over. Am I covered?” Yes.
– “My refrigerator broke and now I have water all over my house. Is that covered?” Yes.

What determines if it is covered? Whether or not it was accidental. In other words, you can’t have a broken pipe inside your wall that drips and drips and drips for years on end, and then you realize you have mold. Sudden and accidental is key.

Something else to keep in mind – if there is a broken pipe in your house the insurance may pay for the claim for the water damage, but they’re not going to pay for the broken pipe. They will pay for the actual damage but not the cause. As always, check with your insurance carrier to make sure you have proper coverage.

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