What's the Mosher Mobile App all about?

We love using the Mosher Mobile App and are always excited to share it with our clients. The app functions as a 24-hour mobile agent in your pocket, with a lot of useful features. You can access your current ID card, make a claim, or request a policy change, all with your phone.

Primarily, people like to use it to find their ID cards. Imagine this scenario – you just got a new car and call your agent to let them know about it. As you’re driving home, you get pulled over for speeding. The police officer asks you for your ID card, but you don’t have it because it’s a brand-new vehicle. With our app, you can quickly access your information because your agent has already updated your information.

You can also make claims with the mobile app. Imagine another scenario where you hit a deer. Of course, you can always just give us a call and tell us about the accident to start the claim process, and that’s not a problem. But, you can also start the claims process yourself from the app. Making a claim is easy on the app – it allows you to take a picture of your vehicle’s damage, it automatically time-stamps the photo, and uses GPS to locate where the accident occurred.

A third popular function is the ability to request a change in policy. If you purchase a car at the dealership after-hours you do not have to wait until the next business day to make the call to your agent. You can update any information and request a change in auto policy right from the app.

At Mosher and Associates we know our job is to serve you. We also know everyone has their own way of connecting with us. If it’s the mobile app, by phone, or email – we’ve got you covered.

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