What is the difference between an independent and captive insurance agency?

Independent and captive insurance agencies – what’s the difference? The easiest way to break it down is actually pretty straight-forward. A captive agency is one that has one carrier for all the policies they offer. Typically, those agencies have the name of the insurance carrier as their store front. For example, American Family, State Farm, and Rural Mutual – these are all captive agencies.

Independent insurance agencies tend to have a different name, often the name of the founder, owner, or location. Mosher & Associates is an independent agency as we offer policies from over 30 carriers. This wide variety of carriers allows us to completely personalize a policy for you to ensure you have exactly what you need. For example, you might own high end collectible automobiles – we have a special carrier for that. Maybe you have a lot of toys, like boats, jet skis, and ATVs – we have carriers that specialize in that. Perhaps you have a very unique or custom built home – we have carriers that specialize in that type of property.

Our agents make up a team of specialists. This allows them to focus on certain areas of coverage so that they are the experts. And when you have the experts finding personalized coverage for you, you can be sure you are getting the attention you deserve.

Mosher & Associates isn’t just insurance. It’s insurance, personalized. With offices in Argyle, Evansville, Monroe, and New Glarus, our Team of Specialists is ready to provide you with the best coverage for your unique situation. Check out our Mosher Assessment Process (MAP) at mosherinsurance.com/map/ to see how we can help you. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll start you on the path to insurance, personalized.