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NEW GLARUS, Wis. (June 11, 2022) –  Nicole Rivers, Servicing Agent with Mosher & associates, was recently recognized as a Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) by the American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society (the AIMS Society). 

“Nicole has been with Mosher & associates for four years, and during that time displayed a great deal of professionalism and dedication towards our clients.  She continues this through earning her CPIA designation,” states Scott Mosher, Vice President & Owner of Mosher & associates.

Rivers successfully completed three Insurance Success Seminars. The CPIA designation stands for professionalism, commitment to sales training and results, and technical knowledge. The designation does require a bi-annual continuing education update. The seminars have been rated very highly by both insurance agency sales support staff who have taken them and by participating company representatives. 

Position for Success (CPIA 1) assists participants in implementing risk identification strategies and systems that will prevent errors and omissions during the insurance prospecting process.

Implement for Success (CPIA 2) focuses on the development of the technical knowledge and skills needed to design a complete, yet innovative, insurance program for prospective clients. Participants will leave with detailed information for providing solutions that benefit consumers in the complex insurance marketplace.

Sustain Success (CPIA 3) provides participants with specific methods for maintaining high legal and ethical standards of operation while developing the agent-client relationship.

Rivers states, “This designation helps me provide more detailed and comprehensive service to our insureds.  Specifically, how to better manage and protect against risks, both universal and unique to the individual, family, or business.”

The AIMS Society is the only insurance organization dedicated solely to recognizing training and service quality among property and casualty insurance personnel. The mission of the AIMS Society is to improve the skills and insurance knowledge of its members by upgrading professionalism through information and education, which will result in providing better service to the insurance-buying public.

Mosher & associates is a customer-based risk management agency with offices in Monroe, Evansville, New Glarus, Argyle, and Verona. They specialize in Home, Auto, Life, and Commercial policies that best meet each client’s needs. Through knowledgeable staff and reputable partners, Mosher & associates helps manage risks of any size and variety.

Brett Zimmerman Joins Mosher & associates as Servicing Agent

Brett Zimmerman Joins Mosher & associates as Servicing Agent


Mosher & associates is excited to announce that Brett Zimmerman has joined the staff as a Servicing Agent in the Monroe office. 

Brett is a Monroe native and a fan of Wisconsin sports, especially Badger football and wrestling. He lives in the Orfordville area with his wife. Brett likes finding new hobbies and methods, and really enjoys home brewing. A natural problem solver, his background in science and construction ensures that he looks at any task from many different angles, which is a very useful quality when assisting clients with their insurance needs. 

Brett loves helping others in the community and we’re excited to see the great things he brings to the Mosher team. 

We’re Growing

The past year has been full of exciting changes at Mosher & associates.

In the last year, Mosher & associates added THREE new agents to our Monroe office, TWO new carriers, and ONE new agency location.

Kathi Brown-Meier joined Mosher and associates as a Personal Lines Account Manager at our Monroe location. Kathi grew up in Monroe and has a vast knowledge of the agriculture industry. Kathi loves working with clients to ensure that their insurance is perfect for their lifestyle.

Jillian Capes joined Mosher and associates as a Service Agent/Claims Specialist. After moving to Wisconsin in 2021, she fell in love with the area and the delicious cheese (of course)! After working in customer service for over a decade, Jillian describes herself as a people person who always finds the best in anyone.

Shannon Hawkinson joined Mosher and associates as a Servicing Agent. With over eight years of previous experience in the industry, she is excited to be back in the insurance world after four years away. “I’m very excited to be joining Mosher & Associates and helping our community with their insurance needs!”

We are also now contracted with TWO new carriers. SECURA Insurance Companies and Integrity Insurance have been added to our lineup of carriers to help us provide the best insurance products for your unique needs. With over 30 carriers we have the options and flexibility to find the best personalized plans for our clients!

And, in January of 2022 Mosher and associates acquired Krell Insurance Services in Verona. The Krell agency brings two additional members, Melissa Anderson and Cat Williams, into the Mosher family! Like Mosher, Krell Insurance focuses on much more than insurance; they are about creating relationships with the families and businesses they serve while supporting and remaining active in their community!

Change is good, and growth is even better. But keeping you protected will ALWAYS be our top priority, and we will continue protecting what you value most with more insurance options, resources, and support.

Mosher and associates – Insurance. Personalized.

Serving Argyle, Evansville, Monroe, New Glarus, and now Verona.

Dogs & Homeowners Insurance…


Why does the type of dog I have matter for my homeowner's insurance?

People are always asking us, “Why does my insurance ask what kind of dog I have?” It’s a great question that has a complex answer. Dog bites can cause significant injuries to kids and to other people, so your agent wants to make sure you don’t have a dog that has a bite history. Certain carriers have lists of dog breeds that they will not cover. In the state of Wisconsin there’s something called the Double Jeopardy law – if your dog bites someone and there’s damage awarded through liability, and then that dog bites someone again, the state of Wisconsin will double the award to the individual that was bitten. Insurance carriers are very cautious about dogs for this reason. As always, check with your insurance carrier to make sure you have the proper coverage.

Mosher & Associates isn’t just insurance. It’s insurance, personalized. With offices in Argyle, Evansville, Monroe, and New Glarus, our Team of Specialists is ready to provide you with the best coverage for your unique situation. Check out our Mosher Assessment Process (MAP) at mosherinsurance.com/map/ to see how we can help you. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll start you on the path to insurance, personalized.

Does your insurance carrier have an APP?


What's the Mosher Mobile App all about?

We love using the Mosher Mobile App and are always excited to share it with our clients. The app functions as a 24-hour mobile agent in your pocket, with a lot of useful features. You can access your current ID card, make a claim, or request a policy change, all with your phone.

Primarily, people like to use it to find their ID cards. Imagine this scenario – you just got a new car and call your agent to let them know about it. As you’re driving home, you get pulled over for speeding. The police officer asks you for your ID card, but you don’t have it because it’s a brand-new vehicle. With our app, you can quickly access your information because your agent has already updated your information.

You can also make claims with the mobile app. Imagine another scenario where you hit a deer. Of course, you can always just give us a call and tell us about the accident to start the claim process, and that’s not a problem. But, you can also start the claims process yourself from the app. Making a claim is easy on the app – it allows you to take a picture of your vehicle’s damage, it automatically time-stamps the photo, and uses GPS to locate where the accident occurred.

A third popular function is the ability to request a change in policy. If you purchase a car at the dealership after-hours you do not have to wait until the next business day to make the call to your agent. You can update any information and request a change in auto policy right from the app.

At Mosher and Associates we know our job is to serve you. We also know everyone has their own way of connecting with us. If it’s the mobile app, by phone, or email – we’ve got you covered.

Mosher & Associates isn’t just insurance. It’s insurance, personalized. With offices in Argyle, Evansville, Monroe, and New Glarus, our Team of Specialists is ready to provide you with the best coverage for your unique situation. Check out our Mosher Assessment Process (MAP) at mosherinsurance.com/map/ to see how we can help you. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll start you on the path to insurance, personalized.