Jillian Capes – Servicing Agent / Claims Specialist

Jillian Capes is originally from Kirkland, a small town in northern Illinois. Jillian grew up riding ATVs and go-carts on an old Boy Scout camp of 1,000 acres. After moving to Wisconsin in 2021 she fell in love with the area (and of course the delicious cheese)! The warm and wholesome atmosphere reminds her of childhood and makes her truly feel at home. Jillian is excited to raise her two sons, Gavin and Gage, in this community. In her free time Jillian enjoys being in nature. Camping, hiking, and water activities like tubing or kayaking are her favorites. Jillian describes herself as a people person that can always find the best in anyone. She loves to learn something new from someone every day. Jillian has worked in customer service for over a decade in various ways – she’s been a waitress, a bartender, and was even a fraud analyst at JP Morgan Chase bank for over 10 years. An interesting fact about Jillian? She has a twin brother!

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